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Alkina is one of our youngest birds, born in the same year as Skeksi - 2017. She came to us from another wildlife demonstrator as an 18 month old. She is rather shy and cautious, so we are careful about taking her to events where she may be fearful. She has the plumage of a [...]


Skeksi was born to Moonlit Sanctuary's Barking Owl pair in September 2017. We adopted him in early October and he lived in our house for the first few weeks until he was able to fly and started wreaking havoc with his random flights around the house. Skeksi started participating in bird of prey displays at a very [...]


Asterix was hatched in Victoria in 2017. He had a bumpy start to life and was transferred to Healesville Sanctuary after being rescued by a member of the public.


Jedda came to us in June 2016 from Gumbaya Park. She was a captive bred bird and is a human imprint - meaning that she thinks she's a human or that humans are birds, just like Kevy our other Kestrel.  Jedda was born in 2012 and since she arrived has learned extremely quickly to fly to and [...]


Yarrum the 'Wedgie' was born in 2006 and came to us from Alice Springs Desert Park.  He was involved in public display work previously in his career when he was at Cairns Tropical Zoo for about eight years.  So, we were lucky that he'd had some training by the time he arrived at the Sanctuary in June 2016.  He [...]


Quil came to us from the Ballarat Wildlife Park. Prior to that, she was a resident of Cleland Wildlife Park in South Australia.  Quil was born in 2006 and is our largest bird, who is full of mischief. One of her favourite past times is to play with a bucket of water, tip the water out and splash around in [...]


Mokey was born in 2012 and came to us from NSW from captive bred stock.  He has adapted beautifully to Sanctuary life and flies to the glove for food each night, ‘purring’ to us in anticipation of his evening mouse.  He is very curious and has a very lively nature, but should also win an award [...]


Cleo, a Peregrine Falcon, came to us from Raptor Domain on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.   Prior to her residence at Raptor Domain, she was a rehab bird who had experienced an impact on her left side consistent with a motor vehicle injury that affected her left wing and left eye.  Her estimated year of birth is 2008. She has already [...]


Pickle came to us with the name ‘Merle’ but Martin nicknamed her ‘Pickle’ and the name stuck! She came from Raptor Domain on Kangaroo Island. She is a similar size to Kevy, our Nankeen Kestrel, but more solid with longer wings and bigger feet – the hallmarks of a true aerial predator. Hobbies are agile [...]